Image of Grenfell Tower

Dangers Of Electrical Faults - Lessons To Be Learnt

Each year people are injured and killed by home electrical fires. These fires result from both large electrical system failures and homeowner errors such as the improper using of the extension cords or overloading circuits. Most electrical fires can be avoided if you only take the proper safety precautions. For any other cases, having the proper planning and safety equipment in place can help avoid deaths and injuries. In the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea, there was a dreadful disaster at Grenfell Tower that has cost lives of over 79 individuals and displaced hundreds of people. This total may rise and as electricians, we are fully aware of the dangers that fault electrical supplies can lead to. (Are condolences to those affected by this disaster). At the moment, it does appear that the fire startedRead more

Electrical Requirements for Commercial Businesses In The Centre of Chelmsford

Through all the change and evolution that Chelmsford has seen over recent years, alongside its promotion to city status in 2012, one thing has remained largely unchanged over the past century. This is the fact that Chelmsford city centre is, and always has been, one of the busiest commercial and retail centres in all of Essex, and that people come from all over the county to fill its streets and shops every weekend.Read more

Chelmsford University

Anglia Ruskin University - How Is Electricity Distributed Across Their Campus?

The Rivermead campus of the Anglia Ruskin University lies at the very heart of the regeneration that Chelmsford city centre has witnessed over the past decade or so; a regeneration that included its transformation into the UK’s newest city in 2012.Read more

Electrically Efficient Homes In Chelmsford

Development of Housing Stock in Chelmsford, Essex

Since achieving city status in 2012, Chelmsford has been going places. Its popularity and profile has risen exponentially over the past five years, from a convenient commuter-belt town to a thriving residential, leisure and business hub in its own right.Read more

Business Park Chelmsford

Electrical Requirements For Businesses Operating In Chelmsford Business Parks

Chelmsford might be rapidly developing as an increasingly popular place to work, rest and play, but at heart, it remains close to its pioneering industrial roots. From lifelong residents to passing visitors, nobody can enter the town by car without passing a sign that reminds them that this is the “birthplace of radio,” and the spirit of Guglielmo Marconi remains strong throughout the city.Read more

Electrical Plug

How To Safely Change A Plug Fuse At Home

At Bryden Electrical Ltd, we not only pride ourselves in our Electrical services throughout Essex but also want to make sure people understand basic electrical knowledge around the home. In the first of our electrical tips and advice series, we shall be going over one of the most basic faults found in the home – changing a fuse in a plug safely.Read more