How To Safely Change A Plug Fuse At Home

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At Bryden Electrical Ltd, we not only pride ourselves in our Electrical services throughout Essex but also want to make sure people understand basic electrical knowledge around the home. In the first of our electrical tips and advice series, we shall be going over one of the most basic faults found in the home – changing a fuse in a plug safely.

Video of Changing A Plug

Summary From The Video

Changing a fuse in a plug is one of the most common tasks a homeowner will have to undertake in their lifetime and to start with you will need to:

  • Unscrew all screws on the plug using a suitable screwdriver
  • Unscrew the ‘Flex Clamp’
  • Loosen the terminal screws and then pull the wires away from Pins and remove the wire
  • Make sure that the wires aren’t damaged
  • Then remove the fuse
  • Open a new Plug that has been purchased and removes the fuse from the new plug
  • Feed the end of the Flex under the clamp, or between the flex grips
  • Connect the brown wire to the Live terminal marked ‘L’ on the right of the plug
  • Connect the blue wire to the Neutral terminal marked ‘N’ on the left-hand side of the plug
  • For any appliances that require an Earth, there will be a third terminal marked ‘E’ at the top of the plug
  • When appliances are double insulated there will only be 2 wires to connect, Live and Neutral
  • Now tighten all the terminal screws
  • Ensure that the Flex is held firmly by the ‘Flex Clamp’
  • Tighten the Flex Clamp
  • Make sure that all the wires are correctly fully inserted, there shouldn’t be exposed wire
  • Now screw on the cover to the plug and you will have successfully changed a plug fuse.

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