Things To Do In Colchester, Essex, UK


As part of our series of blogs on the towns within Essex, this week we turn to the oldest town, the Roman town of Colchester. This is now home to one of the largest populations of towns in Essex and consequently, our domestic electrical services are in a demand here. But first, let’s take a look at the town and a few of the attractions that the town provides.

Colchester is located in the county of Essex, United Kingdom and it is among the oldest towns in Britain. Being the largest settlement in the Colchester borough, this town is home to more than 185, 000 residents. Colchester is considered a historic town and as a result, there is a huge diversity of things to see and do when you visit the town. Poised at the gateway to East Anglia with its attractive villages yet only a few minutes away from the coast, Colchester qualifies as an ideal destination to visit.
Not only is a Colchester a historic town, today it is a modern and fast growing town with many exciting places to visit.

Historic Attractions


If you are a person who loves historical stuff, you will absolutely love the diverse museums located within Colchester. The Colchester Castle Museum is where you will find many nationally important treasures such as the recently discovered Fenwick hoard. Another museum your kids will really enjoy visiting is the Hollytrees Museum, a social history museum which is home to Visitor Information Centre. Here you will have a view of a wide range of local curios, including a collection of longcase clocks, local portraits, and a fabulous dolls house replica of the museum itself.

You can discover some of the town’s wildlife by visiting Colchester Natural History Museum.
The East Anglian Railway Museum, located just four miles from Colchester is where you can see railway locomotives and rolling stock. During the museum’s open days, you can get an opportunity to take a short steam train ride on their demonstration track.


The Colchester Zoo is the largest zoo in the county of Essex and hosts more than 200 species of wild animals. You can enjoy watching the animals all day, and there are plenty of food stops, play parks, and interactive features to keep the whole family entertained.

Colchester Zoo -Essex
Map of Colchester Zoo, Essex

Culture Arts

Colchester is filled with great art centres where visitors can catch a glimpse of exciting stuff. Firstsite is Colchester’s finest contemporary art gallery housed in a golden building designed by architect Rafael Viñoly. Here, you will find regular exhibitions, cinema, a cafe, and lots of children fun activities.
The Colchester Arts Centre host theatre productions, live music, stand-up comedy, and performance art.
At the Mercury Theatre, you can get a glimpse of plays, exciting stage shows.


Colchester is filled with unique shops, including the many small, specialist shops that sell miscellaneous and unusual items. You will love to shop in the excellent specialist shops and big-name stores. It is here among the shopping halls that our electrical services come into their own, as we’re able to provide the shopping centres with Colchester electrical services.

Kids Activities

If you bring along your kids and you do not want them to get bored, a visit to RollerWorld will definitely buck them up. Rollerworld is arguably the best roller rink in the whole country. It also has many other features to claim the attention of the most jaded youngster such as Quasar, a laser game, and Bowling.

Another exciting place for kids is Jump Street where you’ll find an amazing urban playground for adults and children, with hundreds of interconnected trampolines from the floor right up to the walls.
National Trust Bourne Mill presents a delightful and ideal spot for a picnic or pond dipping and garden games to keep children of all ages occupied.


If you are a skateboarding enthusiast or your kids like the sport then Colchester Skatepark is where you’ll find facilities for extreme sports of this nature.

Outdoor Activities

If you are in Colchester with your family on a day out, the town has many outdoor spaces you can explore. One nice place is the Abberton Reservoir Nature Reserve. Here you and your family enjoy the scenery of beautiful wildlife in their natural habitat. Besides, there are lots of spots for bird watching, rambling and a visitors centre to tell you all about the animals you can expect to see.

Fine Weather

The summers in Colchester are warmer than other parts of United Kingdom. On the other hand, winters are not as cold as other parts of England.

Beth Chatto Gardens - Colchester

Colchester is a naturally beautiful town thanks to the old and unique buildings that align the streets. Beth Chatto Gardens within this town provides a perfect escape from the busy town.
With the incredible historic attractions, art centres, cultural attractions, fantastic restaurants, unique shopping centres, and nightlife, Colchester is the perfect place to go for a trip.

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