7 Things To Do In Southend-On-Sea, Essex, UK

Image of Adventure Island Southend

In our weekly blog section, we shall be examining the main towns within Essex and finding out what special features each has when compared to other towns in Essex. The destination we’ll examine this week is Southend on Sea, a popular tourist destination located at the far end of the county of Essex and within the boundary of our electrical service operations in Essex.

Southend-On-Sea is one of the best destinations to take your vacation and have fun. The city’s coastline runs seven miles long. It boasts of a wide range of mind-blowing leisure activities to participate in. Let us look at 7 things that you don’t want to miss out on while in Southend-On-Sea.

The Adventure Island

Image of Adventure Island Southend

Adventure Island is one of the greatest places to visit. It offers assorted fun activities for every member of the family, both old and young. The facility is particularly fun in summer. Admission into the park is free. However, you have to purchase wristbands to enjoy the rides. Booking your ride online saves you up to 20%. The rides are priced according to height requirements. An adult gets to accompany a child, who is less than 1.2 metres in height, for free. The rides include Archelon, The Dragon Claws, Rage, Scorpion, Skydrop, Vortex, Ramba Zamba, Tidal Wave Blue, Tidal Wave Green and the Time Machine.

This fun attraction will use lots of electricity and we would hope that one day they will be in need of electricians in Southend on Sea, for any electrical enquiries.

Belfairs Wood Park

The Belfairs Park is an awesome place to go out and relax in. It sits on 1160 acres of land. In the park, you may choose between cycling or walking; the paths are well maintained and wide enough for these two activities. Local residents and visitors also get to enjoy horse riding, golf and bowling. The woodlands feature diverse species of trees, birds, butterflies and bats. It is important to note that dogs are not allowed in Belfairs Woodland Centre. The Centre is open to the public from 9 am to 5 pm daily.

Belfairs Woods - Southend

Shoebury East Beach

Shoebury East Beach offers a great swimming spot on the shores of the North Sea. Kite surfing is one of the most common sports you can participate in or bask in the sun as you watch. This beach is not as crowded as the rest of the beaches in the area. The beach is impressively clean and has a dedicated area for your barbeque; the ideal family fun spot. The large grassy area is an excellent picnic site. There are dog restrictions in effect but the beach has a dog exercise area. No lifeguard services available in this area.

Shoebury East Beach

Prittlewell Priory

The Prittlewell Priory Park sits on a 45 acres piece of land and has numerous facilities for the whole family to have fun. As a picnic site, it offers you the entertainment you need as you enjoy your foods and drinks, in case you choose to sit at the bandstand for live performances. The museum offers free admission and offers interesting history about the Prittlewell Priory as well as the Southend-on-sea. While at the priory, there are fun games like tennis, basketball, bowling and sports pitches for preferred games.

Two Tree Island

Two Tree Island is a small island, south-west of the Leigh-on-Sea. It is connected to the mainland by a bridge. The island offers a great view and is a frequent place for bird watchers as well as nature lovers. The island is 640 acres in size. It hosts different birds such as Kestrel, Green Woodpecker, Meadow Pipit, Short-eared Owl among others. On this island, dogs are allowed only if under effective control.

Southchurch Park

Southchurch Park has a beautiful lake and garden while only a short walking distance from the seafront. The park is ideal for picnics and walks. Children can enjoy their games at the children’s playground. The park features a model boating lake which offers slot of fun and thrill sailing. Snacks and lunch are available at an on-site café. The park is open all year round but has limited free parking area.

Southchurch Park - Southend

Old Leigh

The Old Leigh is well known for the Leigh Folk Festival. This destination offers you a lot of choices to make when it comes to seafood delicacies. The cockle sheds are also an interesting view and experience. The stroll along the seafront is breathtaking. It sits about 30 miles, to the east of London and is within 35 minutes train journey from Fenchurch Street, directly in the city centre.

Old Leigh on Sea In the Summer

There are other numerous activities that you can participate in while in Southend-on-sea. This depends on your choice of facilities to visit. However, always confirm with the facility you intend to visit before making the journey. This will help you understand any restrictions, like pet admission, and any other rules that are in place. This information is available on different travel websites.

Have you ventured into any of these locations in Southend on Sea, perhaps you have other places of interest that you can relate to? Why not leave comment below of your stories?

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