5 Things to Do in Brentwood, Essex

Image of Brentwood Cathedral

At Bryden Electrical, we aim to deliver information about the local services relevant to Brentwood and in this particular article we’re looking at things to do in Brentwood, Essex.

The county of Essex has many attractions that appeal to people of all ages. It is rich in gardens, parks, museums, beautiful landmarks, spectacular churches and cathedrals, and water parks. The residents of Essex and their visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to the many areas of great interest that they can visit. A good number of these attractions are to be found in the town of Brentwood. The following are the top five main guidelines on What to do in Brentwood:

1. A Visit to Old MacDonald’s Farm

Old MacDonald’s Farm is an award winning educational and leisure farm that is located on the edge of the M25. This location makes it handy for Essex, East London as well as all points south and north. It features attractions like exotic animals, chickens and frogs. All the attractions are included in the entry fee – one is not required to pay extra. The presence of slides and rides at the farm guarantees great enjoyment for children and even adults who are young at heart. There are many places to picnic, and the management guarantees that there is no shortage of fun things that individuals, groups and family members can do. Also notable is the fact that all the facilities and equipment are well maintained and safe to play with. Many first-time visitors to Old MacDonald’s Farm always express their desire to visit it a second time.

2. Weald Country Park

The Weald Country Park features animals, nature and parks. It is located along Weald Road. The park is ideal for feeding deer and ducks. In the recent past, a stick man trail has been introduced as part of its main attractions. The open spaces are great for taking leisurely walks with family and pets. Many visitors are thrilled by this experience. The beautiful scenery that is dotted with many old trees provides a great opportunity for a variety of activities for the young and old alike.

Image of Weald Country Park

The park is a great place for an inspired picnic. Alternatively, one can decide to relax at the visitor centre and sip on a cup of coffee for which the centre is renowned. The recently spruced up kid’s play is guaranteed to keep the kids occupied with all kinds of fun activities. Those who like their drink can visit the Tower Arms Pub, which is over the road, a stone throw-away from the Country Park. In the event that the Tower Arms Pub needs any electrical assistance, then we would suggest that they contact Our Electrical services in Brentwood.

3. Hopefield Animal Sanctuary

Located on Sawyers Hall Farm, Sawyers Hall Lane, Hopefield Animal Sanctuary features animals, nature, wildlife areas and parks as its main attractions. Just as the name suggests this is a sanctuary whose principal mandate is to provide care and safety to unwanted animals. Each guest is charged 5 pounds entry fee, and all the proceeds are channelled into taking care of the animals. The sanctuary has been a home for animals for as long as a quarter of a century, and during this time it has rescued chicken, donkeys, ponies, cows, and pigs.

Apart from making contributions for the maintenance of the animals, there are a number of other activities that visitors can engage in. For example, there is an inflatables day in which guests and their kids will enjoy using slides and bouncy castles set out on the grounds. Also, with all the stories about the animals available for the guests to read, the sanctuary acts as a strong source of information for all the guests, kids included. Guests may also participate in feeding some of the animals if they happen to be there during feeding time.

The Hopefield Animal Sanctuary is growing in popularity, and as a result, all the enclosures are being upgraded to ensure that all the animals are provided with the best care possible. This is one of the best places to visit for those stranded about What to do in Brentwood.

4. Brentwood Cathedral

Image of Brentwood Cathedral

Located on Ingrave Road, Clergy House, the newly refurbished Brentwood Cathedral is a sight to behold. It is a magnificent building that is a good example of great architectural design. The restoration of both the Cathedral and the Hall next door was professionally done, and the experts took their time to clean all the stones and give them a professional finish.

The Brentwood Cathedral is a great place for a person intent on attending a church service or a world class concert, or both. The choir is first class, and their renditions will infuse any visitor with renewed energy and a great sense of spiritual fulfilment. For more spiritual nourishment, one can purpose to join the various community groups that hold regular church services at the Cathedral. The Cathedral Hall is lovely and can be rented for meetings, parties and other events.

5. King George’s Playing Fields

Located on Ingrave Road, CM14 5AE, King George’s Playing Fields is frequented for its nature parks and varied outdoor activities that include golfing, skating and paddling. The park is well equipped, and the equipment is well maintained. Children also have ample space for biking, playing football or even walking their dogs. King George’s Playing Fields is a favourite with teenagers; and younger children who require enough space and facilities to take part in a variety of activities.

There are many places where visitors to Brentwood can enjoy quality time. Apart from those highlighted above, visitors who are wondering on What to do in Brentwood can visit The Brandler Galleries, Warley Place Nature Reserve, Brentwood Centre, Barnards Farm Gardens and Brentwood Park Ski & Snowboard Center, among others.

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