The Town of Billericay and The Life It Offers To New Inhabitants

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Billericay Highstreet

The town of Billericay is located in Essex and is a place that perfectly represents the life in a modern suburban town which is at the same time one of the most ancient, permanently inhabited locations in the entire country. Set in the London Basin and separated by 45 kilometres from central London, Billericay became a settlement in the Bronze Age and ever since then, it was constantly occupied. In spite of this impressive history, the town, which is also a civil parish, remained relatively small and quaint.

This is the reason why so many individuals in the greater London metropolitan area see it as a great spot for settling down and starting a family. There is a multitude of advantages it carries for a serene, quiet lifestyle, which is ideal not only for family-oriented individuals and couples but also all those who love the combination of living in an English countryside and a bustling metropolis. One of the most impressive facts about the town is its natural surroundings. Like other places in the London Basin, it features a large number of underground springs that make up small lakes and ponds. These are ideal for all manner of leisurely activity, including those like rowing, which is a great part of the overall English social tradition.

These come in a range of shapes and sizes, starting with small ones like the Lake Meadows, but also include bigger ones like the Hanningfield Reservoir. Billericay also includes many open spaces inside of the town itself, especially its parks. Some of the most well-known are the Mill Meadows Nature Reserve, Norse Woods (where the archaeological evidence from the Bronze Age had been found), Sun Corner and Queen’s Park Country Park. In this group, Mill Meadows is a system of meadows that reaches back to the ancient times and is a home to many indigenous species, like wildflowers, insects, and fungi.

The town also includes many wonderful historical locations like the St Mary Magdalen Church, built in 1490 which still has the original tower from that period. When it comes to the question of who lives in Billericay, it is firstly important to understand that the town features a high street layout that has not changed in over 500 years. This allowed it to keep a hold onto its properties and buildings that date back to the early 16th century, but also cover 17th and 18th century as well.

This means that the properties and their owners range from families that have inhabited Billericay for many generations, new residents, and those who have moved there over the previous decades to escape the hectic lifestyle of London. Of course, there are many contemporary properties for sale in the town and its parish area, mostly in the form of family houses and individual estates with a very wide price range.

This includes multi-million-pound estates, but also humbler houses with quaint gardens. With this on offer, practically anyone can locate the property they desire to purchase in this location and build their home there. Naturally, inhabitants of the town reflect this calm yet dynamic atmosphere. With a great sense of community, the town residents are well-known for their ability to warmly welcome new members into their hometown and together try to create a great life for everyone. This is why the ideal answers to the question of who lives in Billericay are that it is a combination of people from all over the UK who most likely work in London but desire to live outside of it.

However, it is important to understand that with its population of over 28,000 permanent inhabitants, the town is still very urban in its tempo of living. Firstly, the city of London is in its immediate vicinity. Not only that, but the infrastructure system allows for easy travel between these two spots.

Liverpool Street Station
This is where you alight when arriving from Billericay, Essex

There is a direct train that runs to the Liverpool Street station, offering a commute that lasts just over 30 minutes. Its high street includes many modern shops and boutiques, while the town also prides itself in its impressive selection of schools. This, along with the historical and natural sites that are abundant in the area, makes Billericay a perfect balance of influences for anyone who desires to start a family. In this area, it is easy to see how any child could attain the best possible upbringing.

With so many advantages, including its inhabitants and diverse property types, it is clear that Billericay is a great place for anyone who wants to experience the calm English lifestyle while remaining close to London.

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